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From our Home in Nashville, to Yours.

Wherever it may be.

Here's a little about me. ♥
My true love for the South and all things vintage and cozy,
inspired me to create a collection of handmade jewelry, antique goods,
dreamy textiles, and whatever else we come up with along the way.
My creativity comes from a long line of strong girls who knew
there was no limit to what they could do.
I love new ideas, photography, graphic design, making jewelry,
and collecting sweet little vintage things
from all around the world to share with you guys out there!
Growing up in Nashville has given us lots of opportunities to see
how this adorable city has changed throughout the years,
and the growth it continues to have.
The sweet quote, "Bloom where you were planted" really means alot to us.
We love the southern charm of everyone here and couldn't
imagine life anywhere else. We try to be involved in as many
local community events, craft fairs and festivals as possible.
Follow us on Instagram @SweetHomeNashville to see where to find us next!
Thanks for taking your time to read our little story.
Message us anytime, even if it's just to say hi!
we'd be so excited to hear from you ♥


-Chelsea T.


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